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PlatenWest Coast Platen was founded as the Seattle Platen company in 1924. The company took the rubber rollers used in typewriters, called a platen, and recycled them by bringing them back into specification.

Over the years many other office services were added. The Company established itself as a wholesale distributor specializing in providing all the parts, tools and supplies needed for keeping every office machine running.

In 1971 West Coast Platen in Los Angeles was added to the Family, and the home office was moved to Los Angeles. There the Company modified it's product offerings, keeping up with the evolution of the modern office into the electronic age. EPR

Today, West Coast Platen is the technician's and retailer's source for computer accessories, laser printer supplies and parts and much more.

With the launch of West Coast Platen's online database,, ordering is now truly simple. features all of the products in the catalog with none of the hassle of finding what you're looking for.